Tuesday, November 10, 2009

November 10, 2009

This morning like every morning since Emmett and Rosalie have joined our family, my children have gotten dressed, eaten their breakfast and then run to Emmett and Rosalie to play outside before school. They have never done this with any of our other dogs. I can honestly say that I have never seen any dogs so wonderful with children. I trust Rose and Emmett more than my own dogs.

Right now the puppies (as my kids call them) are on the deck baking in the sunshine. If I even walk near the door, two curly tails start wagging and Emmett will roll over to have his belly rubbed. And if you stop, he gently lays his paw on your arm to keep you rubbing! Rose is a little more shy, but last night she let me rub her belly for the first time...I feel like we've finally won her trust. She's always been sweet, but earning her trust is so rewarding. I hope someone will want to love them as much as we do!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Meet Emmett and Rosalie

Rosalie and Emmett are two beautiful huskies who were made homeless when their owner lost his home. Lucky for Rosalie and Emmett, the nice people at Indian Rivers Animal Rescue and Homeward Trails Animal Rescue got to work coming up with a plan to kept these dogs out of the shelter and save their lives. But it couldn't have happened without Mika and her family stepping up to the plate to foster these handsome dogs.

Here's what we've learnt about the dogs so far:

Rosalie is the black and white dog and Emmett is the red and white. Both Emmett and Rosalie are about 4 years old. Emmett weighs 80 lbs and Rosalie weighs 55 lbs. Both dogs walk well on their leashes without pulling. Emmett and Rosalie are very bonded so we would LOVE to find a home for them together.

Rosalie was a little nervous at first in her new foster home. She is a little shy with people but warms up. She is very fond of Emmett but she's not a fan of all dogs. She has been a little snarly with the other dogs in the household and not a fan of the resident lab at all.

Emmett is super laid back, adjusted quickly to his new environment and gets along with the other dogs in his foster home. He's a sweet friendly guy.

Both Rosalie and Emmett are AWESOME with kids. Mika's 3 yr old and Emmett sit on the top step of their deck together and The toddler even brings a blanket out and covers the both of them...it is sooo cute. Emmett is a big lap dog. He wants to be with humans all the time. Rosalie is great with the kids too, never snarls, or gets irritated in any way.

Neither Emmett or Rosalie seem to be fence jumpers. Mika has a standard 4 ft fence.

Neither dog is barky, in fact, Mika hasn't heard either of them bark at all.

Both seem to be totally potty trained.

Cats? Rosalie does not seem like she's good at cat at all - she's too interested in them. Emmett is probably ok with cats.

Both Emmett and Rosalie already know sit and will sit for treats.

These dogs are very easy to fall in love with. Sweet as can be and loving.